Gallery Additions: Additional Lindo Wing Photos

With many thanks to my friends Mouza and Jess I have added hundreds of photos of Catherine and William showing off their new daughter outside of the Lindo Wing. You can check them out in the gallery.

– Candid Photos > 2015 > [May 02] Leaving The Hospital With Baby Cambridge #2

Gallery Additions: Leaving The Hospital With Baby Cambridge #2

Exciting news today! Catherine gave birth to a baby girl! I’am currently adding photos to the gallery of Catherine and William leaving the hospital with their newest addition, please keep checking back all day as photos will continue to be added. Thanks so much to my friend Mary for already donating photos. Catherine looks stunning, the baby is adorable, and just like all of you I’m so excited. Once I calm down I’ll post a more detailed post, until then enjoy!

– Candid Photos > 2015 > [May 02] Leaving Hospital With Baby Cambridge #2

Confirmed: It’s A Girl!

Confirmed: HRH The Duchess Of Cambridge In Labour

Gallery Additions: Stephen Lawrence Centre, XLP Centre, Bus & Studio

Today (March 27) The Duke and Duchess Of Cambridge were in South London to undergo three separate engagements. These will be Kate’s final engagements until the baby is born sometime in April. Their first stop was at the Stephen Lawrence Centre in Deptford, their second engagement was at the XLP Centre followed by the XLP community bus and an XLP mobile recording studio in Sydenham. You can now view 400+ high quality photos in the gallery. Huge thanks to my friend Mary for donating photos.

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The Duchess Of Cambrige Gives Quote To The Times For Mental Health Campaign

Official — The Duchess of Cambridge gave a quote to the Times to mark their Time to Mind Children’s Mental Health Campaign.

Here is the full text of the quote is here:

“I have been heartened to see that so much progress has been made in ending the taboo of adults openly treating mental wellbeing as the health issue it is.

“I believe that our generation of parents, carers, teachers, and health workers now have the chance to give the mental health of our children the focus it requires.

“I feel strongly that young people and parents need to know that they can ask for help. Just as with physical health, we need to act early to provide support when a child is faced with emotional difficulties.

“This is a discussion that William and I hope to play a part in during the months and years to come. We welcome all work to highlight this important issue for the benefit of all our young people.”

Gallery Additions: Brookhill Children’s Centre

Today (March 18) The Duchess of Cambridge continued her busy month of engagements by stopping at the Brookhill Children’s Centre in London, England.The Home Start-supported centre helps parents struggling with issues including mental illness, bereavement and disabilities. You can check out 87 high quality photos in the gallery. Once again a huge thanks goes out to

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